Thursday, 26 July 2012

ペスをさがしに - (Part 10)

(Part 10)


Going to Search for Pess
(Part 10)
Ogawa Mimei
From when he had gotten into bed, Shou listened carefully to the sound of the wind, but the thought of Pess running back looking sad resulted in him not quite being asleep. The next day was Sunday, so after eating breakfast Shou went running outside. Toku and everyone else were at play by the road.

耳をすます みみをすます to listen carefully; to strain one's ears
翌日 よくじつ next day
朝飯 あさはん breakfast
駆出す かけだす to run off; to break into a run; to start running
往来 おうらい coming and going; road; correspondence; street traffic; highway

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