Saturday, 11 August 2012

ペスをさがしに - (Part 14)

(Part 14)


やがて 1: before long; soon; 2: almost; nearly; 3: finally; in the end; eventually
一団 いちだん body; group; party; gang; troupe
原っぱ はらっぱ open field; empty lot; plain
愉快 ゆかい pleasant; happy
向く むく 1: to face; 2: to turn toward; 3: to be suited to; to be fit for

Going to Search for Pess
(Part 14)
Ogawa Mimei

"Could you put the fishing rods and buckets here?"
In the end, they had all become a party and had gone to look for Pess. Little Masa had also joined in.
From the location of the bridge, they walked the road where it was said that Pess had been, left the open field, and with half the feeling of going for a stroll, whilst talking in a happy seeming way, they went in the direction their legs took them.

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