Sunday, 26 August 2012

猫 - (Part 2)

(Part 2)

それが空家になっていようと、或は新らしい人間どもが住んでいようと、そんなことには頓着なく、旧家に住み続けたがる。だから、三日飼われ てその恩を三年忘れない犬と反対に、猫は三年飼われてその恩を三日にして忘れる。云いかえれば、三年飼われてその家を三日にして忘れる犬と反対に、猫は三 日飼われてその家を三年忘れないとか。

空家 あきや vacant house; unoccupied house
あるいは or; possibly
頓着 とんじゃく being concerned about or mindful of
おん favour; favor; obligation; debt of gratitude
言換える いいかえる to say in other words; to put another way; to express in different words; to reword; to rephrase

(Part 2)
Toyoshima Yoshio

When it is going to be made into an empty house, or possibly if some new human beings will live there, without any concern of that, they will want to continue living in the old house. However, as opposed to a dog that, after three days of being kept, doesn't forget a sense of gratitude until after three years, a cat after being kept for three years, will forget a sense of gratitude after three days. If you look at it another way however, you can also say that as opposed to a dog that has been kept for three years, that will forget the home after three days, a cat that has been kept for three days, will not forget the home for three years.

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