Tuesday, 30 October 2012

猫 - (Part 6)

(Part 6)


 二年ばかり後、私たちは他の家に移転した。四五町しか距っていない家だったので、猫が旧家に逃げ戻りはしないかと、飼えば愛情が出て、少々心配した。だ が何のこともなかった。

ほか other (esp. places and things); the rest
移転 いてん moving; transfer; demise
ちょう 1: town; block; neighbourhood; neighborhood; 2: street; road; 3: 109.09 m; 4: 0.99 hectares
旧家 きゅうか old family, former home
距てる へだてる to be shut out; to separate; to isolate
逃げ戻り にげもどり To run back to; to return hastily
愛情 あいじょう love; affection

(Part 6)
Toyoshima Yoshio

After exactly two years, we moved to another house. Because it was a house that was only separated by about four or five streets, we were a little bit worried about if the cat would run away to the old home, of if we could keep it if it would show affection. But nothing happened.

Sunday, 7 October 2012