Sunday, 2 December 2012

猫 - (Part 8)

(Part 8)



其の後 そのあと after that; afterwards; thereafter
妊娠 にんしん conception; pregnancy
分娩 ぶんべん delivery; confinement; childbirth
随分 ずいぶん 1: very; extremely; surprisingly; considerably; (Na-adjective) 2: contemptible; reprehensible
根を下して くだして Give the cause
貰う もらう 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to receive; to take; to accept; 2: to get somebody to do something (follows a verb in "te" form)
家庭生活 かていせいかつ home (family, domestic) life
一員 いちいん person; member

(Part 8)
Toyoshima Yoshio

After that, the cat became pregnant once or twice, and at the time of birth of the kittens we were really worried about such things as the mouths they had been given, but apart from that during our domestic life she had given us a cause and had thoroughly become a member of out household.

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