Thursday, 28 February 2013


"This is a revolution!"

革命かくめい - Revolution

Saturday, 16 February 2013

捕まえる / 種 / 古代 / 生き残り / 命令 / 与える

"The command we Turks have been given is to capture the survivors of the "ancient species," and only that."

猫 - (Part 9)

(Part 9)

小学校に通う子供三人が、円陣を作って遊んでいると、猫はその真中にはいって蹲る。子供の一人が勉強を初めると、その机の上に坐りこむ。「猫が、お遊び の……勉強の……邪魔をする、」というのが子供たちの始終の苦情だ。

円陣 えんじん circle; ring
真中 まなか middle; centre; center; mid-way
蹲る つくばる to crouch; to squat; to cower
始終 しじゅう continuously; from beginning to end; from first to last
苦情 くじょう complaint; troubles; objection; grievance

(Part 9)
Toyoshima Yoshio

As three children who go to primary school play in a ring, the cat enters the centre and squats. When one of the children starts to study, the cat sits on top of the desk. Saying “The cat...becomes a nuisance...when we play....when we study...” is the children's continuous complaint.




工作 こうさくwork; construction; handicraft; maneuvering; manoeuvering, engineering
兵士 へいし soldier
戦車 せんしゃ tank (military vehicle)
変形 へんけい transformation; variation; metamorphosis; modification
更に さらに furthermore; again; after all; more and more; moreover; even more, additionally
重機 じゅうき heavy machinery; heavy equipment
どう motion; change; confusion
合体 がったい 1: union; coalescence; amalgamation; combination; alliance; annexation; incorporation; 2: copulation; penetration
さい on the occasion of; circumstances
破壊 はかい 1: destruction; disruption; 2: (Computer terminology) (application) crash
活動 かつどう action; activity
暴れ者 あばれもの roughneck, ruffian


Killbison is a Destron engineering soldier. He is a Breastformer who owns a buffalo breast and transforms into a Gepalt tank. Additionally, on the occasion of when the heavy machinery motion combination soldier Liokaiser merges, he becomes the right leg. He is a ruffian and likes destructive activity more than anything.