Saturday, 27 July 2013


お邪魔します - おじゃまします - 1: excuse me for disturbing (interrupting) you; 2: greeting used on going to someone's home

- 1: Ah! (expression of surprise, recollection, etc.); Oh!; 2: Hey! (to get someone's attention)

いや - 1: no; nay; 2: (Usually written using kana alone) well; er; why

あの - say; well; errr ...

ちょっと - 1: just a minute; short time; just a little; 2: somewhat; easily; readily; rather; 3: (before a verb in negative form) (will not) easily; (Interjection) hey!

聞く - きく - 1: to hear; 2: to listen (e.g. to music); 3: to ask; to enquire; to query

下さい - ください - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) (Honorific or respectful language) please give me; 2: (after te-form of a verb or a noun prefixed with o- or go-) please do for me

怪しい - あやしい - 1: suspicious; dubious; doubtful; dodgy; suspicious (referring to a potential amorous relation); dangerous (e.g. financial situation); ominous (e.g. weather); strange; shady; fishy; 2: charming; bewitching; mysterious

思われる - おもわれる - to seem; to appear

でしょう - 1: (Polite language) seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; 2: don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that!

これ - 1: this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic); 2: (Humble (kenjougo) language) this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group); 3: now;

留守番 - るすばん - 1: care-taking; house-sitting; house-watching; 2: caretaker; house-sitter

大体 - だいたい - general; substantially; outline; main point; approximately; about

分る - わかる - 1: to be understood; to be comprehended; to be grasped; 2: to become clear; to be known; to be discovered; to be realized; to be realised; to be found out

から - 1: from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity); since; 2: from (originator); 3: because; 4: out of (constituent, part); 5: through (e.g. window, vestibule); 6: after; since (following te-form verb)

- かぎ - 1: key; 2: lock

壊れる - こわれる - 1: to be broken; to break; 2: to fall through; to come to nothing

んで - that being the case; because of ...; the reason is ....; given that...

"Sorry, I'm being a disturbance."
"Ah...Errr..... Please just listen Mr Koiwai!! I guess this appears strange but this is house sitting with Yotsuba chan!"
"No, I mostly understand because...given that the lock is broken..."

Saturday, 20 July 2013


すると - thereupon; hereupon, therefore, and so
悪魔 - あくま - devil; demon; fiend; Satan; evil spirit
成る - なる - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to become; to get; to grow; to be; to reach; to attain; 2: to result in; to prove to be; 3: to consist of; to be composed of; 4: to succeed; to be complete; 5: to change into; to be exchanged for; 6: to play a role;
- あと - 1: behind; rear; 2: after; later; 3: after one's death; 4: remainder; the rest; 5: descendant; successor; heir;
- まえ - 1: ago; before (some event); previously; (minutes) to (the hour); 2: in front (of); before (e.g. the house); 3: head (of a line); front (e.g. of a bus); fore part; 4: in the presence of; 5: helping; portion; 6: privates; private parts
変る - かわる - 1: to change; to be transformed; to be altered; to vary; 2: to move to; 3: to be different; to be uncommon; to be unusual
- いや - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) no; nay; 2: (Usually written using kana alone) well; er; why
性格 - せいかく - character; personality; disposition; nature
丸で - まるで - quite; entirely; completely; at all; as if; as though; so to speak; just like
別人 - べつじん - different person; someone else; changed man
合体 - がったい - 1: union; coalescence; amalgamation; combination; alliance; annexation; incorporation; 2: copulation; penetration
- からだ - 1: body; 2: health
だけでなく - not just ... (but also ..)
精神 - せいしん - mind; soul; heart; spirit; intention
大きい - おおきい - big; large; great; loud
影響 - えいきょう - 1: influence; effect; 2: (Suru verb) to influence; to affect; to have an influence on; to impact; to have an effect on
受ける - うける - 1: to receive; to get; 2: to catch (e.g. a ball); 3: to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight, etc.); 4: to sustain (damage); to incur (a loss); to suffer (an injury); to feel (influence); 5: to undergo (e.g. surgery); to take (a test); to accept (a challenge); 6: to be given (e.g. life, talent); 7: to follow; to succeed; to be descended from; 8: to face (south, etc.); 9: (Linguistic term) to be modified by; 10: to obtain (a pawned item)

"And so, even after he became a demon, he didn't change from before then?"


"He changed."

"His personality changed."

"A completely different person."

"If you combine with a demon, it's not just your body."

"Your mind also receives a big influence."

Friday, 12 July 2013


段ボール - だんボール - (corrugated) cardboard

資源ごみ - しげんごみ - recyclable garbage; recyclable waste 

- - 1:  day; days; 2:  sun; sunshine; sunlight 3:  case (esp. unfortunate); event

出す - だす - 1:  to take out; to get out; 2:  to put out; to reveal; to show; 3:  to submit (e.g. thesis); to turn in; 4:  to publish; to make public; 5:  to send (e.g. letter); 6:  to produce (a sound); to start (fire); 7:  to serve 8:  (Food term) ; (Suffix) to begin

金曜日 - きんようび - Friday 

はあ - 1:  yes; indeed; well; 2:  ha!; 3:  what?; huh?; 4:  sigh; 5: Oh

あそこ - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) there (place physically distant from both speaker and listener); over there; that place; yonder; (Noun) (Colloquialism) genitals; 2: that far (something psychologically distant from both speaker and listener); that much; that point

電柱 - でんちゅう - telephone pole; telegraph pole; lightpole

- ところ - 1: place; spot; scene; site; 2: address; 3: district; area; locality; 4: one's house; 5: point; 6: part; 7: space; room; 8: (Usually written using kana alone) whereupon; as a result; 9: (after present form of a verb) about to; on the verge of

ネット - net

ある - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to be (usu. of inanimate objects); to exist; to live; 2: to have; 3: to be located; 4: to be equipped with; 5: to happen; to come about

そう - 1: so; really; seeming; 2: () (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that; seeming that; looking like; having the appearance of

"As for cardboard, you see, that's put out on the recyclable waste day.
That's Friday."


"There's a net at the location of the telephone pole over there isn't there.
It's put out over there."

"Oh, I see."

Friday, 5 July 2013


北極 - ほっきょく - 1: North Pole; 2: (Abbreviation) the Arctic

南海 - なんかい - southern sea

そして - and; and then; thus; and now

日本 - にほん - Japan

怒り狂う - いかりくるう - to be in a fit (of anger); to rage

世紀 - せいき - century; era

三大 - さんだい - the big three ...

怪獣 - かいじゅう - monster

すごい - 1: (Usually written using kana alone) terrible; dreadful; 2: amazing (e.g. of strength); great (e.g. of skills); wonderful; terrific; 3: to a great extent; vast (in numbers)

息づまる - いきづまる - to be breathtaking; to be stifling

驚異 - きょうい - wonder; miracle

- だい - 1: the large part of; 2: big; large; great;  3: (Suffix) approximate size; no larger than; 4: (Abbreviation) -university; (Noun) large (e.g. serving size); loud (e.g. volume setting)

決闘 - けっとう - duel; shoot-out

カラー - 1: collar; 2: color; colour; 3: calla (variety of arum lily)

作品 - さくひん - work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.); opus; performance; production

The Arctic. The southern sea.
And now Japan...
The big three monsters of this raging era! Amazing!
A breathtakingly wonderful big duel!

A colour production.