Friday, 9 August 2013


我が社 - わがしゃ - our company; my company

- indicates possessive (within this context)

兵器 - へいき - arms; weapons; ordnance 

開発 - かいはつ - development; exploitation

- - department (in an organization); division; bureau

- indicates sentence subject (within this context)

試作 - しさく - trial manufacture; experiment; test piece; prototype 

する - to do (した here is the informal past tense of する)

機動 - きどう - (As a noun or verb acting prenominally) mobile; nimble; agile; quick to respond

- へい - 1:  (common) soldier; rank and file; 2:  army; troops; 3:  warfare; strategy

です - polite copula in Japanese ( here is the informal version of です and roughly means "is, be, are, am". It is very common in Japanese and usually put at the end of a statement)

President Shinra: "This is Mobile Soldier [Airbuster], trial manufactured by our company's weapons development department."

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