Saturday, 7 September 2013


- なに - what

- indicates direct object of action (within this context)

する - to do (してる here is an abbreviation of している, which is in the form and indicates an ongoing action, similar to -ing in English)

- indicates question (within this context)

さあ - come; come now; well (さあ as a response to a question is more like "I don't know," or "Who knows?")

新しい - あたらしい - new; novel; fresh; recent; latest; up-to-date; modern

遊び - あそび - playing; play (I've translated this as game to make the English more natural sounding)

じゃないか - questioning (something), isn't it? (In this case the is dropped)

ルール - rule 

よく - nicely; properly; well; skilfully

知る - しる - to know; to understand; to be acquainted with (知らない here is negative form)

けど - but; however; although; though

"What are they doing?"
"I don't's a new game isn't it? I don't know the rules very well though...Aha, ahaha, ahahahahaha!"

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