Sunday, 24 November 2013


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本当に - ほんとに - really; truly

恐ろしい - おそろしい - 1: terrible; dreadful; terrifying; frightening; frightened; 2: surprising; startling; tremendous; amazing

暗黒 - あんこく - darkness

- a noun modifier (の operates similarly to "of" in English, for example 数学の分野。[すうがくのぶんや。Suugaku no bunya] - The field of mathematics, and also substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases).

神話 - しんわ - myth; legend

体系 - たいけい - system; organization; organisation; architecture

恐怖 - きょうふ - fear; dread; dismay; terror; horror; scare; panic

- and (within this context)

狂気 - きょうき - madness; insanity

クトゥルフ - Cthulhu

コズミック - cosmic

ホラー - horror

深淵 - しんえん - abyss; ravine

あなた - you (referring to someone of equal or lower status)

知る - しる - to know; to understand; to be acquainted with; to feel (知らない here is in the basic negative form)

世界 - せかい - the world; society; the universe

- indicates direct object of action (within this context)

ビジュアル - visual; visualization; visualisation

- indicates means of action; cause of effect; by (within this context)

解禁 - かいきん - lifting a ban (I've translated this as to release)

A truly terrifying legend system of darkness

The Cthulhu legend of horror and madness

The abyss of cosmic horror

Release your unknown world of horror with darkness visuals!!

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