Saturday, 7 December 2013


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- ふくろう - owl

- topic marker particle

ガベル - gavel

- a noun modifier (within this context, の operates similarly to "of" in English, for example 数学の分野。[すうがくのぶんや。Suugaku no bunya] - The field of mathematics

- おと - sound; noise; report; note (music)

- indicates direct object of action (within this context)

聞く - きく - to hear; to listen (e.g. to music); to ask; to enquire; to query (this is the usual kanji for this word, the kanji used on the image is unusual and not normally the kanji used for きく)

- indicates question (within this context)

- つみ - crime; fault; indiscretion; sin

前篇 - ぜんぺん - first part; first volume

Does the owl hear the sound of the gavel?

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