Saturday, 3 May 2014


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入国管理事務局 - にゅうこくかんりじむきょく - immigration management affairs department

国籍 - こくせき - nationality

- topic marker particle

秘密 - ひみつ - secret; secrecy

です - polite copula in Japanese (this roughly means "is, be, are, am". It is very common in Japanese and usually put at the end of a statement)

名前 - なまえ - 1: name; full name; 2: given name; first name

コードネーム - code name

なら - if; in case; if it is the case that; if it is true that (used mostly to express the same meaning as "if" in English, for examples see this link here)

年齢 - ねんれい - age; years 

不詳 - ふしょう - unknown; unidentified; unspecified

貴方 - あなた - (Usually written using kana alone) (Polite language) you (referring to someone of equal or lower status)

日本語 - にほんご - Japanese (language)

上手 - じょうず - skill; skillful; dexterity (usually used to mean good at something)

- (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation

Immigration Management Affairs Department

Interviewer: Nationality?

Excel: It's a secret.

Interviewer: Name?

Excel: If (you want a) codename.

Interviewer: Age?

Excel: Unknown!

Interviewer: You...are good at Japanese aren't you...