Wednesday, 10 September 2014


中心 - ちゅうしん - 1: center; centre; middle; heart; core; focus; pivot; emphasis; balance; 2: (Suffix) -centered; -centred; -focussed; -oriented; centered on; focussed on

合体 - がったい - union; coalescence; amalgamation; combination; alliance; annexation; incorporation;

戦士 - せんし - soldier; combatant; warrior

- たち - pluralizing suffix (esp. for people & animals; formerly honorific)

- かたち - 1: form; shape; figure; 2: visage

スクラム - scrum

組む - くむ - 1: to cross (legs or arms); to link (arms); 2: to put together; to construct; to assemble; to produce (e.g. TV program); 3: to braid; to plait; 4: to grapple; to wrestle;
5: to unite; to link up; to form an alliance; 6: to set (e.g. type); 7: to issue (e.g. money order)

全て - すべて - all; the whole; entirely; in general; wholly; overall

パワー -  power

結集 - けっしゅう - concentration; regimentation

- ちょう - super-; ultra-; hyper-; very; really

エネルギー - energy

光線 - こうせん - beam; light ray

により - according to; by (means of); due to; because of

打ち破る - うちやぶる - to break; to smash; to defeat; to destroy; to eliminate (in the example, うちやぶられる is the word in the passive form, for more about this form see here).

With Guard City in the centre, the Combination Warriors formed a scrum in the shape

of the Cybertron symbol, the "Cybertron Scrum Combination." Due to the super energy

light beam from the concentrated power of all 29 of the warriors, Battle Gaia is


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