Monday, 7 September 2015

Shokotan has transformed into Sailor Moon! Her legs are longer via the Moon Prism Power!?

Please see the below link for the original Japanese:

Shoko Nakagawa, also known as Shokotan, has presented a cosplay of herself as Sailor Moon on Twitter.
"I made my legs longer using the Moon Prism Power," she says, her fans surprised by her appearance. "What an amazing power!" There was a response of, "Please, somehow do my legs too!"

Shoko Nakagawa made her entry dressed as Sailor Moon on the first day of her "Avarice party" fan club event.

On the 5th September, the moment she made her cosplay public on her "Shoko Nakagawa@Gizapink! Avarice Party(shoko55mmts)" Twitter feed, she received praising messages from her followers such as "Shokotan! Giza-cute!〜♪ It really suits you...!"

Messages are also arriving from the event participants such as "The moment I saw the cosplay I almost cried! The girl near to me was crying! LOL! She's that much a heroin of our youth!"

It wasn't just that. Furthermore, using the ocean as a backdrop, she showed off her transformed appearance with a before and after pic, saying,"I made my legs longer using the Moon Prism Power." Actually, she explained, "I used a Moon Healing Escalation app to make my legs longer."

"Is this the yearned for ideal body?"

"No bad feelings here!"

Meanwhile from her receiving fans, there were opinions like, "I prefer them short LOL!" and "I agree! Shoko should just be like herself!"

Shokotan completely changed into the beloved Sailor Moon this time. So far, apart from the fact that she has herself acknowledged her short legs, she seems to have managed to make her desire to have longer legs a reality using the app. Nevertheless, it's a level of perfection that's completely incomprehensible without an explanation. We were surprised by the app, that by no means falls to the "Moon Prism Power."


披露 - ひろう - 1. announcement; presentation; demonstration; displaying; showing; introducing; exhibiting; unveiling; revealing; showcasing; performing; giving a rendition

姿 - すがた - 1. figure; form; shape 2. appearance; dress; guise 3. state; condition; picture; image

反響 - はんきょう - 1. echo; reverberation 2. repercussion; reaction; response; influence

貪欲 - どんよく - 1. avarice; greed; covetousness

会 - かい - (used as a suffix) 1. meeting; assembly; party

登場 - とうじょう - 1. entry (on stage); appearance (on screen)

公開 - こうかい - opening to the public; making available to the public; putting on display; exhibiting; showing (play, movie, etc.); holding (interview, etc.); open; public

賞賛 - しょうさん - 1. praise; admiration; commendation; approbation

参加者 - さんかしゃ - participant; entrant

瞬間 - しゅんかん - 1. moment; second; instant

涙 - なみだ - 1. tear; tears; lachrymal secretion

笑 (or just W) - わらい - 1. LOL

青春 - せいしゅん - 1. youth; springtime of life; adolescent

届く - とどく - 1. to reach; to arrive; to get through; to get at

更に - さらに - 1. furthermore; again; after all; more and more; moreover; even more

海 - うみ - sea; ocean; waters

背景 - はいけい - 1. background; scenery; backdrop; setting; circumstance; context

見せつける - みせつける - 1. to make a display of; to show off; to flaunt

説明 - せつめい - 1. explanation; exposition

憧れ - あこが - 1. yearning; longing; aspiration

八頭身 - はっとうしん - 1. beautiful well-proportioned woman (body 8 times longer than head)

受け入れる - うけいれる - 1. to accept; to receive; to agree

違和感 - いわかん - 1. uncomfortable feeling; feeling out of place; sense of discomfort

一方 - いっぽう - 1: whereas; although; but at the same time; meanwhile; in turn

同意 - どうい - 1. agreement; consent; same opinion; approval

成り切る - なりきる - 1. to turn completely into; to become completely

認める - みとめる - 1. to recognize; to recognise; to observe; to notice

願望 - がんぼう - 1. desire; wish; aspiration

実現 - じつげん - 1. implementation (e.g. of a system); materialization; materialisation; realization; realisation

それにしても - 1. nevertheless

完成度 - かんせいど - 1. degree of perfection; level of completion; degree of completion

劣る - おとる - 1. to be inferior to; to be less good at; to fall behind

性能 - せいのう - 1. ability; performance; efficiency

驚かす - おどろかす - 1. to surprise; to frighten; to create a stir

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Link to Bulma's Blog (Japanese)


Only 59 Days!
2015-02-18 15:00:00

Theme: Blog

Everyoooone! Nice to meet you! I'm Bulma.
Of course, you know about me already!
I'm the young lady of the Capsule Corporation and Vegeta's wife, Bulma!

By the way, it appears that today is 59 days before the public release of the movie "Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F".....Apparently.

That's right! That is to say, it's the 59 days before* memorial day!
Because of this, we're spanning over the 59 days with a daily countdown until the public film release!

Everyone, don't forget to check!

The navigator is yours truly!

As I will also be introducing things such as various movie highlights and staff and cast comments, don't miss it!

*Translator's note: I imagine that the reason that 59 days is significant here (as opposed to any other date they could have started counting down from) is because ごくうにちまえ (59日前 meaning 59 days before) has the word ごくう at the start of it, ごくう being the name of the lead character in Dragon Ball Z. Groan.

2015-02-18 15:00:00 



実は、どうやら今日が映画『ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」』の公開59日前…ということらしいわ。



テーマ - topic (ger: Thema); theme; project

ブログ - blog; weblog

令嬢 - れいじょう - (your) daughter; young woman

妻 - つま - wife

様 - さま - (Polite language) Mr, Mrs or Ms

実は - じつは - as a matter of fact; by the way; to tell you the truth; to be honest; frankly

どうやら - it seems like; it appears that; somehow or other

今日 - きょう - today; this day

映画 - えいが - movie; film

復活 - ふっかつ - revival (e.g. musical); come-back; restoration; rebirth; resurrection

公開 - こうかい - open to the public; exhibit

らしい - seeming ... (expresses judgment based on evidence, reason or trustworthy hearsay); appearing ...

記念日 - きねんび - holiday; anniversary; memorial day

そんなわけで - this is why, because of this

今日 - きょう - today; this day

渡る - わたる - to cross over; to go across; to extend; to cover; to range; to span

カウントダウン - countdown

みんな - all; everyone; everybody

チェック - check

欠かす - かかす - to miss (doing); to fail (to do)

ナビゲーター - navigator

色々 - いろいろ - various

見どころ - みどころ - point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); things to note

キャスト - cast

スタッフ - staff

コメント - comment

紹介 - しょうかい - introduction; referral

見逃す - みのがす - to miss; to overlook; to leave at large