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Only 59 Days!
2015-02-18 15:00:00

Theme: Blog

Everyoooone! Nice to meet you! I'm Bulma.
Of course, you know about me already!
I'm the young lady of the Capsule Corporation and Vegeta's wife, Bulma!

By the way, it appears that today is 59 days before the public release of the movie "Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F".....Apparently.

That's right! That is to say, it's the 59 days before* memorial day!
Because of this, we're spanning over the 59 days with a daily countdown until the public film release!

Everyone, don't forget to check!

The navigator is yours truly!

As I will also be introducing things such as various movie highlights and staff and cast comments, don't miss it!

*Translator's note: I imagine that the reason that 59 days is significant here (as opposed to any other date they could have started counting down from) is because ごくうにちまえ (59日前 meaning 59 days before) has the word ごくう at the start of it, ごくう being the name of the lead character in Dragon Ball Z. Groan.

2015-02-18 15:00:00 



実は、どうやら今日が映画『ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」』の公開59日前…ということらしいわ。



テーマ - topic (ger: Thema); theme; project

ブログ - blog; weblog

令嬢 - れいじょう - (your) daughter; young woman

妻 - つま - wife

様 - さま - (Polite language) Mr, Mrs or Ms

実は - じつは - as a matter of fact; by the way; to tell you the truth; to be honest; frankly

どうやら - it seems like; it appears that; somehow or other

今日 - きょう - today; this day

映画 - えいが - movie; film

復活 - ふっかつ - revival (e.g. musical); come-back; restoration; rebirth; resurrection

公開 - こうかい - open to the public; exhibit

らしい - seeming ... (expresses judgment based on evidence, reason or trustworthy hearsay); appearing ...

記念日 - きねんび - holiday; anniversary; memorial day

そんなわけで - this is why, because of this

今日 - きょう - today; this day

渡る - わたる - to cross over; to go across; to extend; to cover; to range; to span

カウントダウン - countdown

みんな - all; everyone; everybody

チェック - check

欠かす - かかす - to miss (doing); to fail (to do)

ナビゲーター - navigator

色々 - いろいろ - various

見どころ - みどころ - point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); things to note

キャスト - cast

スタッフ - staff

コメント - comment

紹介 - しょうかい - introduction; referral

見逃す - みのがす - to miss; to overlook; to leave at large

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